Concrete Demolition controlled cutting and lifting out

Generally vibration free cutting for any size of structure.

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Other Services

  • 2d

    Concrete Core Drilling

    Coring walls and floors from sizes 8mm to 600 mm to any depth and inclination

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  • 2

    Concrete Cutting (wall saw unit)

    Cutting of walls and slabs up to 720 mm thickness

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  • 3c

    Concrete Cutting (wire saw unit)

    Cutting of walls, slabs and columns to any size, shape or thickness.    

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  • 4a

    Concrete Cutting ( floor/road saw unit)

    Slab and road cutting up to 500 mm thickness

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  • 5c

    Concrete Demolition (breaking)

    Demolition of concrete masonry walls and floors using Hilti breaker & pneumatic breakers.

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